Primus Management Group Interns Learn Importance of Goals

​Leaders at Primus Management Group are interviewing college students and recent graduates for the company’s internship program. The firm’s Director pointed out the value of an internship and setting goals. 

“We are hiring! Current students and graduates are welcome to apply. We have internships and full-time positions available to the right people,” stated Cory B., Primus Management Group’s Director of Operations. “We are expanding our influence, and we want to work with career-minded professionals who can bring fresh perspectives and positive mind-sets with them to the office every day.”

Interns will be part of the Young Entrepreneur Program, an immersive experience that sets each one on the fast track to a fulfilling career. As students work with a variety of people, they’ll see firsthand what makes Primus Management Group unique. They’ll have many opportunities to develop their techniques and leadership acumen as they work on real-world projects and help develop the firm’s training materials.

Customer service, marketing, human resources, and project management are just a few of the areas in which interns will gain knowledge. They’ll learn the different responsibilities that managers and assistant managers handle, and what it will take to bridge the gap between intern and management.

“These days, higher and higher numbers of people are graduating with bachelor’s degrees, so students need something more to set themselves apart,” Cory explained. “Primus Management Group internships serve this purpose well. They provide experience, networking opportunities, and perhaps even offers to stay with us full time after graduation.” 

The firm also has several openings available for those beyond the internship stage. The positions are entry-level, but they all offer a path toward upper management. What’s more, Primus Management Group’s commitment to development and internal promotions provides professionals with all the upward momentum they need to achieve their career goals. 

Setting Goals Keeps Primus Management Group Moving Forward

One of the skills that interns and associates learn from day one with Primus Management Group is how to set goals. Having objectives to work toward provides people and organizations with direction and motivation, helping them stay relevant in an ever-changing world.

“There is no room for complacency in today’s business environment – not for individuals, and not for companies,” Cory stated. “This is why I set operational objectives for Primus Management Group, and encourage my team members to set goals for themselves as well. Having measurable and achievable expectations is a large part of why we’ve gotten this far. I am grateful to be part of such a great team of talented individuals who are always willing to work.” 

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