Primus Management Group Heads to Dallas

Two individuals from Primus Management Group have been chosen to attend the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas. This is just one of the many leadership/recognition events/travel opportunities offered.

“We make business travel a priority at our firm,” said Cory, Primus Management Group’s President. “Conferences like this are especially golden because of the overall impact they have on our people’s career ambitions, as well as what they bring back to our office.”

For this particular event, Cory announced that two individuals were selected to attend based on their outstanding performance with Primus Management Group. “I’m so excited for these two executives to have the chance to participate in this conference for the first time,” he said. “It’s really great to watch people who have never been to one because the look of awe on their faces as they see just how big this industry is reaffirms why we have this travel program in place.”

Cory explained that the conference is an extension of the firm’s ongoing professional development plan. “Everyone starts off here with our onboarding training,” he noted. “Once they’ve completed that phase, they’re ready to move on to bigger and better things like leadership.”

In Dallas, the team members attending will take part in workshops that cover a variety of topics related to the customer acquisition industry, ranging from how to create innovative outreach campaigns to how to manage an office. “They’ll be learning from the consulting and marketing world’s brightest minds,” Cory remarked. “The tips they bring back will ensure our company has cutting-edge knowhow to represent our national partners, so in many ways, this is a team-building experience, too.”

Inspiration is found at every corner of this conference. “There are motivational speeches delivered by others who started at the entry level and advanced to become respected leaders,” Cory said. “The recognition awards evening really drives home how much great work is appreciated. Our attendees will get a good feel for what excellence looks like and what they can aspire to be in this field. It will be a pivotal moment for them as they continue on their career journeys.”

Primus Management Group’s President on the Ties Between Goal Setting and Travel

To be considered to attend a conference or even to travel with Primus Management Group, executives need to qualify by reaching goals. “We have individual targets and team objectives that our people need to hit,” Cory shared. “Our top performers are the ones who have the honor of being selected to attend.”

As Cory expressed, goals are set to be specific and measurable. “We apply metrics so that we can visualize where we are and what we need to do to reach the next level. Once a goal is met, we raise the bar so that we’re reaching even higher next time. This incremental approach ensures we achieve success.”

While two team members are headed to Dallas, for others, the next conference isn’t too far away. “I can’t wait to see who qualifies to attend that event,” Cory concluded. “It’s a cycle that continues to build our firm so we all win.”

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Source: Primus Management Group