Primus Management Group Competition for Trip to Cancun

​Primus Management Group is hosting an in-office competition and the prize for top performing leaders is a chance to travel to Cancun. 

For the team at Primus Management Group, an in-office competition is a great way to beat the summer heat and keep everyone motivated to work hard. Travel is one of the favorite perks of the group, so the reward for the top leader is an opportunity to go to Cancun, a popular destination in Mexico that combines the best of beautiful beaches, lush rain forest, ancient culture, and modern convenience. It’s a great place to relax. 

“The top performing team members in my office are working hard to win the trip to Cancun,” said Primus Management Group Owner Cory. “They’ve really gotten into the spirit of the competition and are pushing each other to come out on top.” 

Top Leaders Excel at Primus Management Group 

“I’ve noticed that there are some key traits that separate our top leaders from everyone else,” said Cory. “Generally, they want to bring growth to the company so they are open to anything from innovative ideas to hard work that will help the company find success. Further, they’re interested in developing others into leaders. When one person succeeds, the whole company is better for it. I’m never surprised when I discover our top leaders have a sports or military background. The discipline, team mentality, and competitiveness of those individuals tends to serve them well at Primus Management Group.” 

“In addition to fun rewards for in-office competitions, our top leaders travel across the country to industry events, training programs, and immersion experiences with other offices. It’s not only a reward, it’s a core part of our development program,” continued Cory. “We believe investing in people is the reason we’ve been so successful and we want to continue helping each team member succeed. Sometimes that means giving them the opportunity to relax in style.” 

Travel and relaxation is a great way to recharge energy and creativity. With the chance to step away from the office comes perspective and time to think about big-picture ideas. For our leaders, this means they come back with innovative ways to implement campaigns and hit their metrics. For our team members, they come back with vigor to make their dreams a reality. 

“I wish we could send the entire office to Cancun, but there will be plenty of other opportunities for travel in the future,” said Cory. “Meanwhile, it’s exciting to watch how everyone is working hard to win the trip. The friendly competition in the office has brought a lot of laughter to the team as well. I’m looking forward to seeing which of our top leaders finally secures the win and travels off to a well-earned break.” 

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